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Flat roofs
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Roof Repair & New Roof Installation

Is your roof leaking?

Do you have some missing shingles or flashing have blown off?

Maybe the damage is more severe such as sagging in the roof or damage from a fallen branch or tree? Whatever your need, the roof experts at Howe Roofing & Construction can help.

Do you need a new roof?  We specialize in all types of roofing.


Are you thinking of transforming your basement?

We offer service in:

Waterproofing: Foundation: Maybe you want an extra bedroom, bathroom, living area or perhaps you are looking for a place to put that pool table you just saw.  You may be thinking about a place to entertain guess with a  dance floor or movie cinema. If you can imagine it we can build it. Turn that empty space into something wonderful today:

Call us at Howe Roofing & Construction (908)258-0069

Get your Basement to be what you have always wanted it to be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Framing, Installation, Sheetrock

Sidings & Gutters

Gutter, Fascia & Leaf Guards, Power wash: Siding, roofs and driveways.

Gutters and leaf guards are protective seals for your home, protecting it from elemental damage like, water, ice, debris etc.. Most homeowners don’t give a second thought to gutters, until there are problems.  Gutters have been protecting fascia and suffits for many years.We also Power Wash siding,roofs,driveways,decks and a lot more. Give us a call we do it all.

We offer Gutter Cleaning as well:

Gutters a bit clogged up and need to be cleared? Consider Howe Roofing's gutter cleaning service.

With this service, you will have all gutters and roof surfaces cleaned of leaves and debris. We will clean and flush all downspouts as needed, and replace any missing gutter clips and outlet strainers. This service will be completed twice yearly; once in the spring and once in the fall. You are not required to be at home when this is done.

gutter cleaning

Porches & Decks 

Don't wait any longer! Get the backyard that you want now, Howe Roofing & Construction is here to take the image in you head and make it a reality. Build a deck to enjoy those warm summer days or build a porch to protect you from the sun while still being able to look out an enjoy the view of your back yard.

And if you are feeling  creative you can have both, a beautiful Porch and Deck.

Skylights & Windows

Can't seem to get the light you want in your favorite room, a skylight may be the answer. There's no better light than sunlight, plus you will never miss that perfect sunrise again. Skylights add more than just great lighting to a room, they also provide a touch of elegance. So call us for your skylight today.  We will give you a free estimate at: (908) 258-0069 or fill out the form on our Contact Us.


Do not underestimate the effect of windows in a room, putting the right window in a dull room can transform that room to your place of solitude while adding to the grand design of that home you always wanted.


Call us to get your: Ceramic, marble, Quarry (unglazed), Porcelain tiles today.

Specialize in:

 New Roof, Re-Roof, Siding, Slaters, Basements

 Tiling,  Attics & Porches